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The MMA Combatants website promotes safe martial arts competitions and celebrates its champions. MMA Combatants also donatates a portion of MMA Combatants logo apparel sales to assist kids learn martial arts.

About MMA Combatants

Who doesn't love Mixed Martial Arts fighting, am I right?  

There can be no greater challenge than taking on this world's most dangerous species, ourselves.  

The dedication required to do so, and do so successfully, requires confidence, technique, inner strength, the ability to take a physical beating, the fortitude to rise above, the stamina to outlast, cunning, alertness, intelligence and the brutality to not only do it, but carry on in the face of adversity and hurt.

I am just an MMA fan. I design websites, so I thought I'd put-up a fan site just to showcase some of my favorite MMA Combatants, as well as some of the most dangerous fighters.

I hope you like the site, though I am not giving it every professional touch or optimization, so it may well be a miracle that you even found it. Please be aware that maintaining decent videos is a struggle because YouTube is constantly taking stuff down.

Now you can help me out with my expenses as well as help kids learn MMA. Not everyone will become an MMA pro, but mixed martial arts skills help them become self-assured, confident men & women with respect and the willingness to sacrifice in order to succeed.

Although not a tax write-off, I am donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of each of our official MMA Combatants full logo shirts to help kids take MMA classes and grow into leaders. Baseball jerseys, sweatshirts, pullovers and other styles are available in a variety of sizes. More details on the T-SHIRT info webpage.

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20% of the proceeds from sales of official MMA Combatants TM website logo Tees, baseball jersies, sweatshirts, pullover hoodies & zip-up hoodies (in Men's, Women's & Kids' sizes) is used to assist youth to learn martial arts (their choice, whether Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Karate, Muay Thai or other competitive fighting sport). More info on the T-SHIRT web page.



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