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MMA Combatants Privacy Policy Statement

Posted September 3rd, 2017

Please carefully read this document in its entirety.  It is intended to protect all parties involved.  For the sake of brevity, this website,, will henceforth be referred to as the "Site", this Terms and Conditions Agreement will be referred to as the "Agreement", the website proprietor, administrator and any staff members will be referred to as "we", or "us", and the website visitor will be referred to as "you", or the "visitor". The term "our" is meant to reflect the legal and rightful ownership of content and intellectual properties created for this Site, the teamwork, design and workmanship which goes into it, and the content and materials which appear on it.

As a visitor to our website, you have the perfect right to your privacy.  We do not try to spam anyone. Nor do we collect data that can identify you unless you communicate with us, or join a community forum or otherwise use a software feature requiring that we keep specific information about you for contact and identification purposes, such as your email address.

Should you contact us via our online contact form or via email, we should have a valid email address in order to contact you with a reply or follow-up on your feedback.

Should you contact us via email, telephone, or via post, we will want to address you using your real name, recognizing your individuality and communicate with honesty. We would note your name for your records, but it wouldn't leave our business network.  However, we take guard your privacy so that you will trust us in your future communications as we advance our relationship and trust.

We do share non-identifying data with third-party businesses such as Google, for analytics purposes with the intent of using this anonymous data to better the website.  This service will use "cookies", small data packets of code written to your computer, in order to identify as a non-specific entity.  this allows us to gather data that is unique to your computer in order to log you in, to keep you logged in as you visit different documents throughout the site, to recognize you when returning to the site, and/or to track your visit, accomodate your interests and help us improve your web surfing experience on our site.

As we expand, we may incorporate other software that will utilize cookies, as well, such as a community forum that will allow like-minded people to discuss like-minded interests (such as last night's MMA fight).

Although much of the software programs we will add will require coookies in order to identify a person as the same entity on various pages through-out the site and in certain applications, you can always shut-off your web browser's ability to use cookies. The result may be a less convenient experience, but you should still be able to enjoy the site without having to have cookie functionality turned on. This may change in the future as we install more software in order to add more features to the website. 

We try to keep as little data that would personally identify you to a minimum unless we start communicating or otherwise doing business together.  We take your privacy seriously and guard the private data you entrust with us.

Please also note our "Terms and Conditions of Use" agreement.  By using this site, you agree not to hack it, but please read the specifics so you understand what you agree to simply by continuing to use this site.



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